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Learning More About Disaster Recovery

February 6th, 2021

Disaster recovery is generally something nobody enjoys thinking about – it is like making your will at your 21st birthday party, just in case something bad goes wrong. However, with any business, it is better to be prepared rather than allow the element of surprise ruin everything you worked on. Basically, every business needs a strong disaster recovery plan to protect itself from further damage. However, in order to discuss more about the topic we have to know what disaster recovery is. When talking about disaster recovery we are thinking of the ability of a business or a company to continue working after multiple sudden medium-sized catastrophes (this includes anything from a virus wiping the data from all your computers, to flood or fire destroying part or all the building). A business disaster recovery plan usually takes just a little time and effort, however it brings that certain peace of mind – in other words, you can rest assured that if something happens, you have everything under control.

The variable element of any disaster recovery plan is the actual business – the way you build your disaster recovery plan depends on how the business runs, what are its unique elements, what is the essential part of the business (what exactly keeps it going). By designing a general disaster recovery plan you will end up forgetting about the most important parts, therefore a unique plan is needed that will suit the business’ needs. While it is true that a generic plan may save you from some trouble, if you truly want to be efficient, I would advise creating a personalized, unique disaster recovery plan that will include the more critical aspects.

Your business is made out of key elements that generally happen every day. The key element to any disaster recovery plan is to map out all these key elements, and see what the most critical ones are, and which ones are harder to replace. A small example – assuming you are a tech support company, which discusses with its clients on the phone, the key element of your business is the phone line. If something happens to the phone line, you have to make sure that there is some back-up such as your employee’s cell phone, or a different line. Depending on the severity of the catastrophe, you should be able to find the best solution – for the example mentioned previously, the wise thing would be to have a back-up call center (usually located in a different state so that it would not be affected by the same problem you encounter) which will route all your incoming calls if any problems were to arise.

Data safety is one of the most important things for a business, and a very crucial aspect of disaster recovery. Taking into consideration the example given above – imagine that you do have a back-up telephone line, but what happens if all your data on clients, stocks and numbers is lost? You may be able to call your clients, but you will not be able to tell them anything. Inventory system needs to be backed up all the time and so on.

As you can see, depending on the business the disaster recovery plan can have different issues. This is why you should pay close attention to the key elements, and make sure you secure them before something serious happens.